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Jesse and greg speaking to First Responders and Military Veterans

Meet the Men Behind the Operation

Jesse and Greg met in the Coast Guard and wanted to start a podcast about stories from the field and have a fun time messing around. They began discussing the idea to involve all types of public service because they knew everyone had stories to share.  They had no idea that these stories would have the impact that they did. Since starting the podcast, The Overwatch Collective has raised considerable donations, changed countless lives, and shared many resources. 


Jesse in Marines Uniform

I grew up in Sonoma, CA and played lacrosse and football all the way until college. After my first year in college I decided that I belonged with other people that only ate crayons and read picture books, so I ended up in the Marines in 2014. Probably took the wrong bus or something. I was an 0341 (Mortarman) stationed with 2nd battalion 3rd Marines in Hawaii. I did 2 deployments to Okinawa. Our first one, I was lucky enough to get on ship and explore the South Pacific islands and train with multiple militaries. The second we spent most of our time on the DMZ in South Korea due to the high threats from North Korea at the time. I got out in 2018 and joined the Coast Guard in 2020 as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist. I’m looking forward to sharing stories from my time in the service, and to hear stories about everyone else’s experience. 


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Greg in United States Marine Corps Reserves Infantry Uniform
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I started my career in the United States Marine Corps Reserves in the Infantry. After a couple years, I became a Police Officer, which I am still to this day. I deployed to Okinawa Japan for a brief time. After the deployment, I joined the United States Coast Guard Port Security Unit, where I met Jesse. 


I love to spend time with my dog, ride dirt bikes, workout, and spend time with family and friends. 

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