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Normalizing PTSD, suicide awareness and mental health among First Responders and Military through our podcast. All money goes toward funding therapy and introducing resources to those in need. 


Raised at our most recent 3rd Annual Fundraiser on September 23rd to support our mission. Without donations, we cannot fund more therapy sessions!  


First Responders, Military, their family and partners financially assisted to attend therapy.


Sessions paid for totaling $60,789 to date.


Downloads with 95 podcast episodes and 5 seasons since beginning in June of 2021

Who We Are

The Overwatch Collective is a podcast hosted by two active members of the military. Greg and Jesse set out to help individuals across all areas of public service from Military, Fire, EMT, Paramedics, Law Enforcement, Corrections Officers, and Dispatchers, as well as the spouses and family members of the people who serve so selflessly. We started sharing stories, experiences, and resources, and our podcast grew into a community.

A common theme we see and hear about is people trying to battle through their mental health struggles alone and suffering more as a result. Our motto is "One more is one less" because if we can help just one person feel a little less alone, it could end up saving their life.  We offer support however a person is ready to receive it and partner with mental health professionals in order to provide recommendations to those who don't know where to start. 

Jesse and Greg Simpson showing gratitude for The Overwatch Collective mission

You're Not Alone

Mental health struggles in these professions are normal. Wherever you are in your journey, know there is a whole community of people here who are waiting to lend an ear, provide resources, and help however we can.  We are just getting started on our mission to shed light and awareness on the people who need it most. 

Working Tirelessly to End the Stigma

25% of Dispatchers

35% of First responders

17% of Veterans

20% of Post-deployed Military


Experience the isolating symptoms of PTSD. 

With your donations, we will help individuals cover therapy costs, counseling, and/or resources that insurance may not. To give you a better idea of why we feel this is important, the average amount of sessions covered after a traumatic event is 5-10.  It typically takes 15 sessions to start experiencing relief from PTSD symptoms. Asking for help is difficult enough and finances should never be a reason why a person decides not to go to therapy. Our process is completely confidential and ensures that you are in front of a therapist in a timely manner.

Trav and Greg at the annual Overwatch Collective fundraiser
The USA Flag and The Overwatch Collective neon sign
Statistics that highlight the need for the Overwatch Collective

Data that Drives Our Mission

 We are dedicated to changing the narrative.


troops who have served in the last 15 years have been diagnosed with PTSD.

1 in 3

first responders develop PTSD from experiencing traumatic events on the job.  


sessions it takes to improve PTSD symptoms. Only 5-10 are covered by most employers after a traumatic event.  


of fire and EMS professionals have contemplated suicide. 

First responders and military veterans gather at the annual Overwatch Collective fundraiser

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