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Urban Paws

After sponsoring and attending T.O.C.'s 2nd Annual Fundraiser Fall 2022, former LEO diagnosed with PTSD, Dave Uziel set out to start his very own non-profit to provide even more resources to the T.O.C. community. Urban Paws is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in the Bay Area. There are the only non-profit that breeds, trains, and pairs service dogs to First Responders and Military Veterans suffering with PTSD and its side effects. To learn more about this amazing non-profit, please visit:

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Learn more & donate here!

In Collaboration with:

"Urban Paws Service Dogs is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that pairs professionally-trained service dogs with first responders, military members, and other public servants. With a focus on those experiencing PTSD or other reactions to trauma and job-related stress, Urban Paws has partnered with Trident K9 Consulting and The Overwatch Collective to source, train, and match service dogs to the people whose lives they can potentially enhance. Each candidate for the program is specifically matched to a dog under the consultation of our professional breeder and trainer, Dana Froomin, who is familiar with both parties. These pairings are made with considerations for size, temperament, and whether the service dog will be providing general companionship, or executing specialized skills designed to meet the unique needs of their human counterpart. Inspired by The Overwatch Collective’s guiding ethos that “One More Is One Less,” Urban Paws and Trident K9 Consulting are joining forces with them to meet these service members and their families where they are, and offer them a path to freedom."

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