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Meet The Ones Who Help You! 

The primary role of the psychologist is to help people process challenges in their lives. They often help individuals navigate conflict, resolve internal struggles, and address mental health conditions. These wonderful psychiatrists are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited professionals. They are here to help guide and support you through your healing process. We also have registered psychological associates who are pursuing their career as licensed psychologists.


If you are (or you know someone is) a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist and you want to be a resource to our first responders, military, and their families and spouses / significant others, please send us an email to:

Dr. Melissa Matuszak; Registered Psychological Associate

Dr. Melissa Matuszak, Ph.D., CCISM is an associate professor, researcher, and author with a doctorate in psychology and is a registered psychological associate (State of California, #PSB94026633) pursuing her psychologist license. A former forensic investigator, Dr. Matuszak holds a Certificate in Human Performance through the United States Sports Academy, a Certificate in Fundamental Neuroscience through Harvard University’s HarvardX, and Certificates in Psychology for High Performance Sports and Neurobiology & Sport Performance through FC Barça’s Innovation Hub. Dr. Matuszak is currently a student at the Trauma Research Foundation, obtaining her certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies. Dr. Matuszak holds her certification in Critical Incident Stress Management (CCISM) through the University of Maryland and is a member of ICISF with a Certificate of Specialized Training in Emergency Services.


Dr. Matuszak is currently pursuing her CMPC (Certified Mental Performance Consultant) designation through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), working underneath the supervision of Dr. Sean Swallen. This certification requires advanced educational and experiential knowledge in performance psychology and hundreds of hours working directly with athletes, tactical athletes, and performers.


Dr. Matuszak works with tactical athletes (at no cost) to identify and apply translational evidence-based performance research to facilitate peak performance, based upon a client’s specific goals, such as performance restoration (returning to a normal performance level) or performance enhancement (reaching a new level of professional performance consistently).


Dr. Matuszak can be reached at or (872) 678-1013, and can work with clients virtually from anywhere, or with clients in-person in Southern California.

Dr. Melissa Matuszak, Ph.D., CCISM

California Only

David Bond; Psychologist

David Bond is a licensed psychologist (#PSY32595) specializing in counseling and training emergency first responders. He hopes to guide clients towards being strong, present, and resilient.


David is currently the Clinical Director at Focus Psychological Services in San Diego. In therapy, he utilizes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). He has conducted numerous critical incident stress debriefings and defusings following traumatic events.


He retired from law enforcement after 27 years at the rank of captain. He served as a reserve in the United States Marine Corps from 1984-1990.


He is a consultant with the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT), the San Diego District Attorney's Office, and the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). He is also an adjunct professor at Miramar College instructing in-service officers. In those capacities, and through his private company, DGB Counseling and Consulting, David has trained hundreds of first responders on mental illness awareness, de-escalation techniques, and active listening skills.

You can email David directly at: or send us a  message.

David Bond licensed California Psychologist

California Only

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