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Meet The Ones Who Help You! 

The primary role of the psychologist is to help people process challenges in their lives. They often help individuals navigate conflict, resolve internal struggles, and address mental health conditions. These wonderful psychiatrists are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited professionals. They are here to help guide and support you through your healing process. We also have registered psychological associates who are pursuing their career as licensed psychologists.


If you are (or you know someone is) a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist and you want to be a resource to our first responders, military, and their families and spouses / significant others, please send us an email to:

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Tony Rhine NeuroAthletic Coach
Tony Rhine NeuroAthletic Coach

Tony Rhine; NeuroAthletic Coach

Tony is a Neurological Coach, a USMC Veteran and Spouse of a LEO that has worked in the training and rehabilitation field since 2010 and has worked with a myriad of different populations.  From experience with rehabilitation of PTSD, ADD, Autism, chronic pain, and other complex issues to training professional athletes in various sports, Tony has extensive experience in taking people from their worst physical state to their best.  Tony has worked alongside various Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and other Medical professionals as a primary referral to assist them with their most complex patients.  


Tony uses functional neurology to help people change the way their brain functions.  Through his extensive background in neurology, Tony understands that emotions are a byproduct of the state of your brain and body.  Through training that changes your neurology (brain function) you can change the state of your emotions, physiology, and anything else that matters to you. 


Tony is the husband of a police officer, and has a background working with several first responder and military veterans.  

Arizona Based & Can See Clients from Any State

Jen Lewis; Wellness Coach, Meditation Coach & Reiki Master Practitioner

Jen Lewis Wellness Coach, Certified Meditation Coach, Reiki Master

California Based;
Can See Clients
from Any State

Jen Lewis is a Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Meditation Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner, and a former First Responder with a vast understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Injuries. Jen is also a P.O.S.T. Certified Academy Instructor.


She has taught at CalNENA, Northern California APCO Chapter, and various Police and Fire Departments. She passionately works assisting others to live with more peace, balance, and sense of wellbeing. She uses a combination of techniques and teaches how to mitigate stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, and relationship challenges whether that is relationship with oneself or others in healthy productive ways. She assists her clients who are looking to reduce stress, release energy and/or emotions no longer serving them, and helps her clients to tap into and unlock their highest potential.


Jen works with individuals as well as groups with a few different options, onsite for Departments, remotely via zoom or FaceTime, or in person at The Zen Room in Gilroy,CA. Jen’s goal is to help you thrive and to be in a place where you know you are valued, supported, and you are never alone with whatever it is you are carrying on your shoulders. I look forward to helping you thrive! I can be reached via email at or (408) 892-5061

Erin Jane Nugent; Master Life Coach

Erin Jane is a First Responder Life Coach who was born and raised in Australia where she became a police officer in her early 20's with a state police force. She retired as a Detective at the Armed Crime Squad, before moving to the United States after she met and married her firefighter husband.

Following her policing service, she worked as a Crisis Counselor and supervisor at a Suicide Prevention Organization in Boston and has always prided herself on her strong capacity for compassion, empathy and support of others.

After having two children and focusing on her family, she took a step back to find what she wanted to pursue in the next phase of her career. She soon realized she missed helping people, but more importantly, the First Responder and Emergency Services community that she was a part of.

She recognized there was a gap in services offered to that community and, after extensive conversations with friends and loved ones still in those professions, she found a grey area existed between what peer support could offer and what clinical services provided. She decided she wanted to fill that void so First Responders weren't falling down and getting lost in it.

This is when she chose to become a qualified Master Certified Life Coach, specializing in First Responders, Emergency Services Personnel, their Spouses, Partners and Loved Ones.

As my husband, a 20+ year active duty firefighter, and many of my closest friends and relatives are still in First Responder and Emergency Services roles, this is still my every day life.

It's personal for her, just like it is for you. Having been in both positions, the First Responder and the partner of one, she is fortunate to know what kind of life and associated challenges you can face from both perspectives and it offers her unique insight, understanding, awareness and compassion, which she aims to share with my Clients through coaching sessions.

Additionally, she has engaged in obtaining her CISM qualification (Critical Incident Stress Management) and furthering her studies in the fields of psychology and counseling.

From Erin Jane: "As your Coach, I hope being a former First Responder, as well as being married to one, will comfort you in the knowledge I'm culturally informed, competent and experienced. Therefore, anything you share with me, you know will be understood in the way only a fellow emergency services member could.

On a personal note... I have travelled, loved and lost, navigated life altering transitions and survived many challenges along the way (usually with a little bit of Aussie humour). I'm not perfect, but find beauty in imperfection and joy in helping others, so I hope you'll afford me the opportunity and privilege, to be the one to help you.

My favorite quote, which is very relevant to explaining why I do what I do, ​as a First Responder Life Coach, I'm going to share with you here:

​"Only when we know our own darkness well, can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity." - Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

My promise, to all of my Clients as their Coach, will always remain "I will hold space for your darkness."

Reach out to Erin Jane directly at: or visit her website at

Erin Jane Master Life Coach

Boston, MA Based & Can See Clients from Any State

Whitney Lyn Allen;
Certified Grief Educator

Whitney Lyn Allen Certified Grief Educator

Pennsylvania Based;
Can See Clients
from Any State

Whitney Lyn Allen is first and foremost mama to her sons, Jackson (5) and Leo (1). She practiced law as a medical malpractice defense attorney for ten years before her husband (who was a Law Enforcement Officer and K9 Handler at his department) had a severe reaction to a bee sting and sustained a severe anoxic brain injury, subsequently resulting in his death.


Whitney decided to turn her pain into purpose and followed her new calling to serve others who are also experiencing grief and trauma and share her vulnerable and personal grief journey with others.


She is the author of the book about grief and life after loss titled, “Running in Trauma Stilettos,” which is an Amazon Best Seller. She is currently in the process of writing her second book.


Whitney is also a certified grief educator and provides grief coaching to those who are ready for their own transformation and growth after loss. She shares the empowering message that there is so much beauty in life, even after losing a loved one. She is also currently the partner of a first responder and understands what it is like to navigate a relationship with one.

Running in Trauma Stilettos book cover

Megan Zuzevich; LMFT - Trauma Informed
Coaching and Energy Healing

Megan is a trauma informed coach, licensed therapist, and educational consultant. Growing up in a law enforcement family, Megan began her 3000 hours of post-graduate, professional licensure experience working in the correctional facilities and judicial system. After obtaining licensure, she transitioned into private practice where she began working with first responders after critical incidents utilizing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). As clients began having access to images and information that could only come from the unconscious part of the psyche, Megan dove deep into understanding the unconscious and began deeply resonating with the work of Carl Jung. 


Trauma is not the event that happened to us. It is the impact the experience has on the nervous system. Megan looks at trauma not through a clinical lens of diagnosis and what’s wrong but rather a deep understanding that the physiological experience of trauma is purposeful and post-traumatic growth is available to everyone. Megan redefines trauma through neuroscience, epigenetics, physiology, and soul work, allowing clients to truly reconnect with themselves after adverse experiences. 


Megan utilizes an integrative approach that includes EMDR, parts work, and various forms of energy work including Reiki and muscle sensitivity testing to clear stagnant emotions held in the body. Megan works with individuals and offers group immersive experiences in a remote setting. Group immersive experiences with Departments on-site are available with advanced planning. 


It’s an honor to guide my clients through their unconscious mind and help them integrate the parts of themselves that allow them to return to their authentic nature and wholeness. Feel free to reach out with any questions if you’re curious about what our work together could look like. 


California based - 

Contact information: / 6617537029 

Megan Z.jpg

California Based LMFT
Coaching / Energy Healing for All States

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