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Meet The Board 
Greg Grogen President


Gregory Grogan

Greg started the podcast and non-profit with Jesse in June 2021. He was an infantry rifleman in the USMC Reserves for 7 years with one deployment and got out as Squad Leader. He is currently serving with the USCG Reserves as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist. Greg has also been a Law Enforcement Officer in California for 8 years and is a Motor Officer and is a member of the SWAT team, Honor Guard team, Major Accident Investigations Team, and is a First Aid / CPR Instructor as well as a Range Instructor, 

Jesse Coulter Vice President

Vice President 

Jesse Coulter

Jesse started the podcast and non-profit with Greg in June 2021. He was in the USMC for 4 years as an infantry mortarman and is now serving with the USCG Reserves as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist. Jesse is now our East Coast contact and lives in Florida with his wife and baby girl.

Cheryl Coulter Treasurer


Cheryl Coulter

Cheryl is our Treasurer and Jesse's mom. She is married with two kids: Jesse, who was a Marine and is in the Coast Guard and Kamryn her daughter who is in college. She understands what it is like having a son being gone for long periods of time and not being able to to talk to him.  She would like you to know that you are not alone if your child is deployed overseas.  Feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions regarding the Marines and how she handled her son being gone.

Kelsey Parker Secretary

Secretary & Event Planner

Kelsey Parker

Kelsey is Greg's significant other and knows all about the life of being with a first responder and military service member. She has completed EMT school and is in the process of becoming a first responder herself! She is passionate about mental health and has years of experience as an event planner and project manager in the aerospace industry. Kelsey has also been working on helping to create our Apple & Android App and works on all of our events and fundraisers. She is here as a resource for anyone at any time and is truly passionate about The Overwatch Collective's mission.

Donna Grogen Board Officer

Board Officer 

Donna Grogan

Donna is our Chair of the Board and Gregory's mother. Her husband has been in Law Enforcement for over 40 yrs. and was a Coast Guard Reservist and is currently retired from the Army Reserves. He deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. She has two sons who are both first responders. Jeffrey is a Fire Captain and a Paramedic. Gregory is a police officer, prior Marine and currently in the Coast Guard. He was deployed to Japan. 

Tyler Graves Outreach

Outreach & Fundraising

Tyler Graves

Tyler has been in the fire service for the past 8 years and currently works in the Bay Area as a firefighter / paramedic. Two months after being on the job, Tyler experienced a call that changed his life when he experienced his first Critical Incident Stress Debrief (CISD) and began a very long journey that he is still learning to navigate. Five years later, almost to the day, he experienced that same career call that so many said would never happen again. His journey through the fire service has thus far taught him that this career is a marathon, not a sprint. We need to be here for one another, and he wants to help in any way possible. 

Kamryn Coulter Therapist outreach

Therapist Outreach

Kamryn Coulter

Kamryn is completing her Master’s degree in Social Work and has previously completed her Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She has been studying and working in the mental health field for 5 years and counting! Kamryn also has a significant other who is currently serving in the Air Force and understands the hardship that comes along with the separation TDY’s and deployments. She looks forward to helping The Overwatch Collective expand and getting individuals and families the help they need/deserve!

The Overwatch Collective Board
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