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T.O.C. Resources:
Buddy Program, Therapy, Coaching, & Other Resources

With your donations, The Overwatch Collective has financially assisted 67 individuals for a total of 512 therapy sessions and $48,651 spent to fully cover or to supplement the costs of therapy. Have insurance that will cover some or all of these sessions? We are still happy to help connect people within our first responder and military community to one of our professionals.

The common theme seems to be that requesting help through departments and units tends to be a lengthy process. Our goal is to eliminate the headache. We hear far too often that those who have received help through these programs find that the individual sitting across from them cannot relate to the traumas and struggles that first responders, military, and significant others face. Our contracted professionals are veterans, retired first responders, loved ones of first responders, or specifically work with this community.

In the subpages you will find culturally competent Licensed and Associate Therapists, Licensed Psychologists, Professional Clinical Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Master Life Coaches, NeuroAthletic Coaches, Reiki Master Practitioners, Meditaton Coaches, Wellness Coaches, and more.


We decided to offer all kinds of options for you depending where you are in your healing process. Some of these resources offer clinical settings, such as therapy sessions, and others are here to bridge the gap between peer support teams and the clinical setting. All of these are confidential. 

How it Works...

You will find another subpage here for Financial Assistance. You will apply through this application and provide a short 1 - 2 page explanation on your professional, personal, and financial situation. This is completely confidential and only shared with our Board of Directors and the Therapist/Psychologist/Coach.

  • TOC Secretary will reply to your submission with a waiver. Once we receive the signed waiver back, we will notify your therapist and you will be responsible for scheduling your first appointment.

  • We cover your first three (3) sessions at 100%

  • Your therapist will submit a recommendation for continuation of therapy...

  • TOC will cover the next five (5) sessions at 60%. You will be responsible for 40% of the costs.

  • If needed, your therapist will submit a recommendation for continuation of therapy...

  • TOC will cover the next five (5) sessions at 50% and so on...

T.O.C. Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program is a great resource for someone who is not quite ready to dive into therapy. We have over 30 people who are current or retired first responders, active or reserve military, veterans, children of, siblings of, partners of, or a combination... some of which have lost people to suicide.

These are all volunteers who have offered to be a resource to you. You will find their photo, bio, and email where you can direct to one of them directly for a call or a coffee; whatever you need.


Our wellness, neuroathletic, meditation, and grief coaches provide a non-clinical setting for you to process your struggles and traumas and coach you to a point of resiliency, better well-being, and a better understanding of what you are going through. These coaches fill the grey area between peer support or our Buddy program and actual therapy. Most of our coaches can practice anywhere and are not limited to a single state under their certifications. All can provide telehealth appointments.

We are lucky to have a variety of coaches available for you, so check out their bios and let us know if you have any questions for them!

Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors, & Social Workers

Our licensed and associate clinical professionals are available for therapy sessions within the state they are licensed or supervised under. This is an excellent option if you want to dig deeper into your healing and work with a professional to help you self explore and better understand how your traumas and struggles affect you and those around you. We have an incredible team of therapists, psychologists, professional clinical counselors, and social workers here to schedule your consultation.

Please read their bios, listen to their podcast episodes, and get to know them. We also understand this isn't one size fits all, so if you try one therapist and find you are not a good match, we would be happy to put you in contact with someone else. 

Other Organizations & Resources

We have also provided you with a list of other resources, hotline, and other organizations that offer additional help to this incredible community. 

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