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T.O.C. Resources & Family

Other like-minded organizations, podcasts, and hot lines to help our veterans, active service members, first responders, their families, and significant others.

Veterans & Active Military

First Responders

Find your Local VA

Project Sanctuary:


My Veteran Passion (Arizona): is a non-profit organization that helps veterans through fitness and virtual platforms to bring awareness to veteran's mental health. 


V.E.T.S. SFSU: Veterans Education Transition Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to serve veterans, dependents, and active duty members at San Francisco State.


Once a Soldier-Veteran Suicide Prevention:

Mesothelioma Hope:

John Unruh - Unruh Law



Ranchin' Vets: is a non-profit whose mission  is to assist in the reintegration of veterans from military to civilian life through a variety of programs offered within the ranching and agricultural industry.

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National Suicide Hotline :

Phone: 988

Text: 988


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

Phone: 1-800-662-4357


Homeless Veterans:


(877) 424 - 3838


Woman’s Veteran Call Center:


Drug Watch:

(888) 645-1617

Veteran in Crisis Line:

1-877-424-3838 for 24/7 assistance or to find a local shelter call (800) VET-HELP (838-4357)

Copline: For Law Enforcement Officers staffed by fellow Law Enforcement Officers:

Phone: (800) 267-5463

Concerned about a first responder?

Call (415) 721-9789

FRSN East Coast and West Coast Retreat for All First Responders in Addition to Family and Spouses / Significant Others:
First Responder Support Network










Cops Alive - Lengthy Resources Page:

Phone: (303) 940 -0411

First Responder Resilience: 

707.625.0565 -











First Response Fitness: 




Jacob Bryant 

The Lanier Law Firm 

IFAA: Iverson Foundation for Active Awareness' has made its mission to change the culture within the first responder community. A culture that implies “if you’re not strong enough mentally to take it, you don’t belong”. Currently, the culture has little room for the consistent decompression or the open communication necessary to maintain sound mental health after seeing and experiencing things the human brain can only compartmentalize, cover up, or “add to the bucket” for so long.



Hold The Line Fly Fishing: is a non-profit whose mission is to lessen the emotional and physical effects of PTS/PTSD in First Responders through fly fishing and brotherhood.


809 Fight for Awareness: is a non-profit whose mission is to increase compassion and aid for those living with mental health challenges, and to promote optimal mental health in first responders through peer support and advocacy.

First Responder Therapy Dogs: leads the way in addressing the mental health needs of first responders by providing emotional support using therapy dogs. Our goal is to provide this free service to as many first responders in as many locations across the country as possible. We provide this service in-the-field with a hands-on approach.

MY ARENA: The mission of MY ARENA is to help our community of first responders find peace, healing, and strength as they navigate the mental health challenges during their careers. We will teach our community to embrace the power of their story and help them see they are not alone during these battles. This will be achieved by providing training to first responders and their families, giving them tools and resources to stay healthy while serving. Finally, we will educate agencies on how to appropriately handle critical incidents for the employees involved and provide critical response care when needed.

Episode with Travis Gribble dropping July.

For more information, please visit:

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Hold the Line logo
First Responder Therapy Dogs
San Mateo paramedic team

Other T.O.C. Family

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axeALS - Team Stevens Nation: axeALS Foundation was founded by Eric and Amanda Stevens after Eric was diagnosed with ALS at just 29 years old. Their mission is to raise awareness and funding for ALS treatments and clinical trials; to help ALS patients and their families live as full and normal lives as possible; and to encourage research for the prevention, alleviation, care, treatment, and (one day) cure of ALS.

Iron Sights Podcast: @ironsightspodcast

Operation Lighthouse x The Lighthouse Experiment Podcast: The Lighthouse Experiment is a Christ-based organization that was started to build strong, healthy and safe community for First Responders and Vets.

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